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How to Keep Kids Safe in Pools and Lakes
How To Negotiate With The Insurance Company If My Vehicle Is Deemed A Total Loss?
How to Obtain a Copy of a Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report (CR-3)
How to Obtain a Copy of a Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report (CR-3)
How to Potentially Prevent Thousands of Crashes Per Year with Truck Safety Technology
How to Prevent Teen Distracted Driving
How To Prove A Car Was Following Too Close In A Car Accident?
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Loss of Smell or Taste After a Head Injury or Accident
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Patterson Law Group Supports the Community as a Benefit Run Sponsor
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Risks of Lifted Vehicles
Should I Give My Medical Records to the Insurance Company?
So, What Exactly Is A “Deposition”? And, How Does It Impact My Personal Injury Case?
Steps to Take After a Truck Accident 
Suing a Truck Driver and Trucking Company after an Accident
Tarrant County’s largest personal injury law firm continues to grow
Texas Accident Claims Against Allstate
Texas Car Seat Laws
Texas Motorcycle Laws
Texas School Bus Laws & Bus Stop Safety
Texas Teen Driving Laws
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The Danger of a Boat’s Exhaust Fumes in the “Kill Zone”
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What Happens If Your Insurance Claim is Denied?
What Happens If Your Lyft Driver Gets into an Accident?
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What to Do After a Fort Worth Car Accident
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Will Bigger Trucks Lead To Bigger Dangers?
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