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Fort Worth Texas School Zone and Bus Laws

Fort Worth Texas school bus and school zone laws
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The laws for driving in a school zone vary slightly by state, but they require one thing: slow down at their most basic. In Fort Worth, Texas, the school zone and bus driving laws are essential to know. You want to make sure that you take care of the children who live in and near the Fort Worth area. In this article, we’ll cover the Fort Worth Texas school zone and bus laws.  

Driving In A Fort Worth, Texas School Zone 

There are specific laws when driving in a school zone in Texas. These laws are essential to protect children and others crossing the street, walking down adjacent sidewalks, and others in the immediate area.  

Texas requires all drivers to follow these laws and guidelines: 

If you follow these Laws, you are likely to pass through school zones safely and without incident. Always use extra precautions around children as they are apt to act unpredictably and without warning.  


Texting in a Texas school zone can result in a fine of $25 to $99 for a first-time offense but can go much higher for repeat offenders. Depending on the city, speeding tickets for drivers who speed in a school zone range from $250 to $510 on average.  

Fort Worth Texas bus accident lawyer

Fort Worth, Texas School Bus Laws 

It’s best if you remain alert when nearing a school bus by any railroad crossing. School buses must stop at all railroad crossings, and no drivers can pass when a bus stops with signs extended and red lights are flashing. 
School buses must stay at 60 miles per hour or under, even if the speed limit permits speeds above 60 mph.  

Texas law states that all vehicles must come to a complete stop and can not pass a stopped school bus with signs extended or if red lights are flashing.  All traffic must remain stopped until the bus retracts signs, turns off flashing red lights, and resumes motion. Drivers don’t have to stop if on a roadway separated by a raised median or physical barrier.  

The fine for failing to obey the laws surrounding a school bus can be up to $1,000. In school zones, this fine might be doubled.  

Representing Minors In Auto Accident Claims 

Most personal injury and auto accident claims are used to represent adults. However, in some cases, children may be harmed by the careless actions of others and thus eligible for a personal injury claim. While personal injury lawyers are happy to represent minors, there are some differences in representing minors vs. representing adults.  

Minors are not allowed to represent their own legal interests until they are 18. Therefore, their parents usually have to file a lawsuit for them. Parents will probably file a “friendly suit” so their case would come before a judge. The judge will appoint an attorney as a guardian ad litem (for the duration) to represent the minor’s best interests.  


The guardian ad litem will then negotiate on the child’s behalf to get a good settlement. The parents will act as witnesses for their child, explaining how the accident happened and what their child suffered because of it. Once a settlement is reached, the money due to the child will be placed with the Registry of the Court until the child reaches their 18th birthday. At that time, the child may withdraw the money and any accrued interest.  

In some cases, if the money amounts to $10,000+, the parents may request a structured settlement, in which the money is disbursed at regular periods throughout the child’s life. This prevents the child from receiving a large sum of money as soon as they turn 18, which some parents prefer. 

Over 100 children are killed walking to and from school each year, while some 25,000 are injured. If your child has been injured in a school zone due to careless driving, we can help you. Our car accident injury lawyers at Patterson Law Group are devoted to helping children recover after vehicle accidents. If you or your child needs help after a school zone or bus accident, contact a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer. We are ready and waiting to help you and your child.  

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