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The Deadliest Roads in Fort Worth and Your Rights After a Car Accident

The Deadliest Roads in Fort Worth and Your Rights After a Car Accident
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The highway network in Texas is the largest in the country, with 314,000 miles of public roads. Residents and visitors travel Millions of miles on these roads each year. While it may seem like there are plenty of roads for everyone, congestion and accidents still occur.

In Fort Worth, there are specific roads and highways that are considered more dangerous than others. The “danger” discussed here is based on accident fatalities on these roads.

At Patterson Law Group, our car accident lawyers in Fort Worth understand the impact an accident can have. We are here to help individuals and families recover the compensation they deserve in these situations.

Here, you can learn more about the most dangerous roads in Fort Worth and your rights as a car accident victim.

Causes of Fatal Car Accidents in Texas

It is estimated that 10 people are killed each day on roads in Texas. According to TxDOT, the leading cause of these fatalities is failing to drive in a single lane. Other causes include speeding and driving while under the influence of alcohol.

The Deadliest Roads in Fort Worth

As mentioned, some stretches of highway are more dangerous than others. While you may think of the 133-car pile-up that killed six and injured hundreds that occured on I-35 W in February 2022, is it the deadliest in the city?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. In 2021, there were 229 fatal accidents on Tarrant County roads. This includes the fatalities mentioned below and other roads in the County.

In Fort Worth, the most dangerous roads include the following:

Road From Accidents Fatalities Miles of Road
SH 180 Riverside Drive to Cooks Lane 22 25 7.14 miles
I-35 W E Belknap Street to Oak Grove Road 20 20 6.3 miles
I-820 Williard Road to W Kennedale Pkwy 14 16 3.71 miles
I-20 Park Forest to Thelin Lane 13 14 3.14 miles
SH 183 Lincoln Avenue to Eastridge Ride 12 12 4.29 miles


A Closer Look at Fort Worth’s Deadliest Road: TX 180 (Lancaster Avenue)

Fort Worth is home to the 9th most deadly stretch of road in Texas on TX 180. The portion of the road that sees the most fatal accidents is just 7.14 miles long, and it runs from Riverside Drive to Cooks Lane.

This road has one interchange with I-820. What is unique about this segment is that the eastern portion is in a rural area and lined with fields. The middle and western portions of the road have several commercial buildings and residential neighborhoods.

Dangerous Intersections in Fort Worth

The information above includes the stretches of roads and highways that have seen many fatal accidents. Some intersections are particularly dangerous, including:

  • East Loop 820 at Brentwood Stair Road
  • East Loop 820 at Meadowbrook Drive
  • East Loop 820 at Ramey Avenue
  • East Loop 820 at Randol Mill Road
  • East Loop 820 at John T. White Road

There are also intersections that are dangerous due to congestion and poor road design. These include:

  • Hulen Street and I-20
  • McCart Avenue and Sycamore School Road
  • Eastchase Parkway and I-30

Navigating Post-Accident Steps and Legal Rights in Fort Worth

Taking the right steps after a Fort Worth car accident is important. What you do or don’t do can impact the outcome of any legal action.

We recommend contacting our Fort Worth car accident lawyers immediately after seeking medical treatment. Here, you can find more information about steps to take after an accident.

Ensure Safety and Report the Incident

Immediately after an accident, prioritize safety by moving to a secure location and checking for injuries. Contact emergency services to report the accident and seek medical help if needed, as these steps are crucial for your safety and serve as an official record of the incident.

Texas Transportation Code Ann. § 550.022 states you must stop and report the accident if it results in injuries or significant property damage. Failing to do this may result in penalties and the possibility of criminal charges.

Document the Scene and Exchange Information

With safety measures in place, document the accident scene with photos—capturing vehicle positions, damages, and any relevant road conditions or signs. Exchange contact and insurance details with the other driver, ensuring you have the necessary information without discussing the accident’s details or admitting fault.

Understanding Your Legal Rights in Fort Worth

After an accident, you have specific rights. Knowing what these are is essential to protecting them.

Right to Compensation

In Fort Worth, car accident victims are entitled to compensation for various losses, including medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage. Understanding these rights is essential in navigating the insurance claims process and legal proceedings that may follow.

The Role of Legal Assistance

Engaging with car accident lawyers in Fort Worth can provide crucial guidance. Legal experts ensure that you don’t settle for less than your claim’s worth and help you understand the significance of any settlement offers in the context of your total losses and injuries.

Safeguarding Your Legal Rights

As mentioned, it is up to you to safeguard your legal rights immediately after a car accident. Some tips to help you do this include:

Seek Medical and Legal Help

Prompt medical attention is vital for your health and critical for documenting your injuries for your claim. Following this, consulting with car accident lawyers in Fort Worth can protect you from common pitfalls, such as prematurely signing off on settlements that don’t fully cover your losses.

Document Everything

It is imperative to keep a detailed record of medical treatments, expenses, and any communication related to the accident. This documentation supports your claim, providing your attorney with the evidence to advocate for your full compensation.

Engage Professional Legal Support

Professional legal support is indispensable in navigating the complex aftermath of a car accident. A seasoned Fort Worth car accident lawyer will manage negotiations with insurance companies, guide you through the legal process, and ensure your rights are protected every step of the way.

Dangerous Roads and Your Rights After a Fort Worth Accident

Being informed about Fort Worth’s deadliest roads and fully understanding your legal rights after a car accident are necessary. This knowledge will help you protect yourself and your rights if you wish to file a car accident claim.

After a car accident, our experienced Fort Worth car accident lawyers are available to help. We will fight to help you recover the full compensation you deserve.

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