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Tarrant County Accident Map

Do you realize that Tarrant County is the third most dangerous county for car accidents in all of Texas? Last year over 36,000 accidents occurred in Tarrant County, resulting in 16,627 injuries and 156 deaths. Patterson Law Group has taken the time to analyze and map every single accident. The result is our interactive Tarrant County accident map found below. 

The Goal of the Tarrant County Accident Map

It’s one thing to hear about an accident on the news. It’s another to visually see where accident are occurring on a daily basis. Your daily commute may take you through some of the most dangerous stretches of road in the county without you even knowing it. The goal of this map is to help local Tarrant County drivers think critically about where and how they are driving. Taking a different route could lengthen your commute time, but it may also decrease your risk of ending up in an accident.

Moreover, most of the accidents recorded on the map below were preventable. There are actions we can all take as drivers to make the roads safer. If more people refrained from drinking and driving and put away their phones, makeup, and food while behind the wheel, the number of dots on this map will surely reduce year over year.

This map is the start of an annual project to monitor accidents in Tarrant County. Each year it will be updated for everyone to be able to analyze road safety trends over time. Drivers will be able to see if accidents are increasing or decreasing and if certain roads or intersections of interest are improving or getting worse over time. This first year will be the benchmark for which future years are judged on. The hope is that the map will track a decline in accidents over time. 

How to Interact with the Map

  • Zoom & Scroll around the city with your mouse or finger
  • Filter the accident data by selecting or unselecting the legend options


Most Dangerous Intersections in Tarrant County 2018

Watson Rd & Six Flags Dr Arlington 127
Watson Rd & Abram St Arlington 81
820 Loop & Denton Hwy Haltom City 73
Jim Wright Fwy & Azle Ave Lake Worth 73
Industrial Blvd & Airport Fwy Euless 70
I-35 & 28th St Fort Worth 69
Cooper St & Bardin Rd Arlington 67
Cooper St & Arbrook Blvd Arlington 66
Pioneer Pkwy & Watson Rd Arlington 66
I-35 & Western Center Blvd Fort Worth 63

Exercise Caution Driving To & From The Arlington Entertainment District

The most dangerous intersection in Tarrant County for 2018 was found to be the crossing of Watson Road and Six Flag Drive. The second most dangerous intersection was found to be just 2 miles south at Watson Road and Abram Street. The two intersection sit just north and south of Six Flags Over Texas right in the middle of the Arlington Entertainment District. Of course, Six Flags isn’t the only attraction in the area. The intersection is also close to AT&T Stadium, the Arlington Convention Center, and Globe Life Park in Arlington. Regardless of whether you’re a sports fan, an adrenaline junkie, or a convention goer, there’s a good chance you may pass through one of these intersections. Drivers in the area should proceed with caution.  The intersections were home to a combined 208 crashes last year, resulting in 124 injuries and one death.

Because Watson runs parallel to TX-360, it receives fairly heavy traffic from drivers exiting the highway, which contributes to the increased risk of a crash. Watson isn’t the only road of concern. Two intersections on Cooper Street also made the top 10 list. The intersections lie just north and south of I-20. I-35 also took two spots on the top 10 list. As mentioned in our analysis of the 2018 Fort Worth accident map, I-35 is considered one of the most dangerous highways in America. It comes as no surprise that the highway holds two spots on the county-wide list. 

Even if you don’t pass through any of the intersections on the top 10 list, Patterson Law Group urges every driver to take small steps in helping to reduce road accidents. Drivers should: 

  • Always wear a seat belt when in a moving vehicle
  • Put phones away while driving
  • Obey posted speed limits and road signs
  • Avoid driving after drinking
  • Remain alert while behind the wheel

With a few simple changes to our driving habits, we can make Tarrant County roads much safer to drive in. For students interested in doing more to increase road safety, Patterson Law Group is also offering a bi-annual distracted driving scholarship. Students can create a road safety campaign to reduce distracted driving using poetry, photography, graphic design, or video. Students must apply by May 31st for the spring semester and December 15th for the fall semester. 


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