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Fort Worth Accident Map

There have been over 76,000 accidents in Fort Worth over the past 8 years, and we have taken the time to review them all! Using Fort Worth accident data, we created the following accident map to visualize that bad injuries can happen to good people.

Goals of this Map

We hope this report makes the public appreciate just how dangerous driving is in the area. We update the map on an annual basis to track intersection improvements and accidents trends. The data serves as a reminder that accidents occur every single day all around us.

We urge all drivers to be extra cautious; “It won’t happen to me” just doesn’t apply anymore. With all the distractions inside vehicles these days, it’s just a sad reality that you or someone you love will very likely be in a car accident at some point. Take the steps in advance to prepare yourselves for the inevitable:

  • Maintain adequate underinsured motorist coverage.
  • Know the steps to take if you get into an accident.
  • Find a Fort Worth Texas, law firm that you can trust to be there for you during the tough times.

How to Interact with the Map

  • Zoom & Scroll around the city with your mouse or finger
  • Filter the accident data by year or ‘Top 10’ by selecting or unselecting the legend options


Most Dangerous Intersections in Fort Worth 2018

I-35 & 28th St 69
I-35 & Western Center Blvd 63
I-35 & Basswood Blvd 60
I-35 & Everman Parkway 45
I-35 & Garden Acres Dr 45
Sycamore School Rd & Crowley Rd 44
I-30 & Beach St 43
I-30 & Henderson St 43
I-35 & Carver Ave 42
I-35 & Crowley Rd 40

Most Dangerous Intersections in Fort Worth 2017

I-35 & Western Center Blvd 81
I-35 & 28th St 77
I-35 & Meacham Blvd 59
I-35 & Basswood Blvd 59
Beach St & Tarrant Pkwy 53
McCart Ave & Altamesa Blvd 52
I-35 & Heritage Trace Pkwy 49
Beach St & Western Center Blvd 47
I-35 & Pharr St 45
I-30 & Beach St 44

The Dangers Of I-35

No one likes the headaches that come with road construction. The reroutes and increased driving times are enough to drive anyone crazy, but construction affects more than just your commute time to work. Last year, Patterson Law Group reported on the effects road construction had on accident numbers for I-35 in 2017. Road construction on I-35 wasn’t completed until July 20th of 2018, which was more than enough time for construction to continue to take its toll on road safety.

In 2018, there were a total of 1,891 accidents to occur along the stretch of I-35 in in the city, which resulted in 610 injuries and 13 deaths. I-35’s dominance over the top ten most dangerous intersections increased from six out of ten of the most dangerous intersections last year to seven out of ten of the most dangerous intersections this year. However, it’s important to note that accidents were grouped to their nearest intersection. Accidents not only occurred at the on and off ramps, but on the freeway as well. When a highway passes over a road, we include that as an “intersection” for these purposes.

I-35 has historically been a very dangerous highway. One of the largest contributing factors to accidents along I-35 is the trade between the United States and Mexico. The highway stretches all the way to the Mexican border. Virtually all goods being transported from Mexico must pass along some stretch of I-35 on 18-wheeler trucks, which leads to an increase in truck accidents. A study analyzing NHTSA data released in August of 2018 found I-35 to be the 20th most dangerous highway in the country. Road construction likely only aggravated the already inherently dangerous transportation artery.

Even with construction finally complete, Patterson Law Group would like to urge all drivers in the area to exercise extreme caution while driving along I-35. There are now more vehicles traveling along the highway than ever before. The city reports that I-35 is trafficked by an estimated 132,000 vehicles a day, which is significantly higher than the pre-construction levels of 110,000 vehicles a day. Naturally, the more vehicles there are out on the road, the more likely a crash is to occur. Drivers should exercise the following precautions anytime they get behind the wheel:

  • Remain alert and give your full attention to the roadway (do not change radio stations, attempt to shovel down a meal, or check your phone – your your eyes need to be on the road at all times).
  • Avoid tailgating – leave plenty of room for those sudden stops.
  • Slow down to the posted speed limits.
  • Be patient.

The more we work together to build better road safety habits, the less likely preventable accidents are to occur. For Texas students interested in helping to reduce road accidents, Patterson Law Group is offering a bi-annual scholarship asking students to design a safety advocacy campaign via a video, poem, photo, or graphic. The deadlines to apply for the spring and fall semester cutoffs are May 31st and December 15th respectively.

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