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Lubbock, Texas Truck Accident Lawyers

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Lubbock is a vibrant and busy city in the heart of Texas. With thousands of residents working hard, enjoying Texas scenery, and attending top Texas universities, there’s never a dull moment in Lubbock.  

Of course, a significant population also means that there are going to be serious accidents. Lubbock is no exception. Truck accidents happen regularly on and near Lubbock roadways. Big trucks often leave Lubbock drivers with severe injuries after a crash. 

If you were in a Lubbock, Texas, truck accident, you are not alone. Seek help as soon as you can from medical professionals and personal injury lawyers who can help you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.  

Lubbock, Texas Truck Accident Statistics 

In Texas in 2020, the Texas Department of Transportation recorded at least 699 big truck accidents. Fire trucks and farm equipment were involved in another 20 accidents around the state.  

Lubbock alone was the site of over 6,000 accidents in 2020, with at least 24 fatalities. Of which 238 accidents were caused by malfunctioning trailer brakes or hitches, common afflictions of big trucks. And fatigue or sleep caused 3,899 accidents.  

After your truck accident, seek medical and legal aid. Most likely, the truck accident wasn’t your fault, and you shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences without support and compensation. Reach out to a personal injury lawyer for more details. 

Patterson Law Group Can Help You After A Truck Accident Near Lubbock, Tx 

After a truck accident, it can be challenging to know what to do to get started on the road to recovery. That’s where your truck accident lawyer from Patterson Law Group comes in. 

We will help you after your accident. We will provide you with support, resources for medical help, transportation to appointments if needed, and education about the facts of personal injury cases. We will help you gather evidence and build a strong case. 

You may have no idea how much your case is worth or how to find the evidence you need. At Patterson Law Group, we are trained to help you find those answers and build a strong case. Don’t hesitate to reach out–you only have two years after your accident to begin your claim. 

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The At-Fault Driver Is Liable For Injuries And Damages In A Truck Accident 

It can be challenging to prove that the at-fault driver is at fault. It can also be challenging to gather the evidence you need from medical professionals and other experts.  

At Patterson Law Group, we work hard to connect with the people who can get you the evidence you need. We will prove that you are not at fault for your accident and help you calculate the injuries and damages you can seek in compensation.  

The Most Common Types Of Truck Accidents In Lubbock, Texas 

There are several main types of accidents that most commonly occur with big trucks. Some accidents are caused by human error, some by vehicle malfunction. The most common accidents include: 

  • Head-on collisions. In this case, the truck may veer into the opposite lane. Alternatively, another car may be passing in the wrong lane and hit the truck because the truck can’t stop in time. 
  • Blindspot accidents. These accidents are common with big trucks. Big trucks have very large blindspots, and if they don’t properly check them before changing lanes, they can cause severe damage to cars around them. 
  • Jackknife accidents. These accidents occur when a truck stops, but its trailer keeps going, turning at a 90-degree angle into oncoming traffic. 
  • Rollover accidents. Big trucks are more likely than smaller vehicles to flip after a sudden stop or impact. They may roll off the road or into other traffic. 
  • Tire or brake failure. Big trucks carry a lot of weight, which means their tires and brakes often give out more easily under pressure. A brake malfunction or tire blowout can cause a serious crash. 

These aren’t the only causes of big truck accidents. There may be many other reasons why you ended up in a truck crash. No matter the cause, don’t hesitate to seek help in your claim that the accident wasn’t your fault and you need help in recovering. 

After A Truck Crash Seek Medical Treatment For Any Injuries 

Truck accidents very often result in severe injuries to everyone involved. Because big trucks are so heavy and carry so much behind them, they commonly cause pretty serious damage to the road and block tons of traffic in a crash. 

If you are in a truck crash, seek medical attention as soon as possible. You may not notice your injuries right away, but you are certain to be suffering from many. The best thing for you to do is seek medical help so you can start your recovery as soon as possible.  

After initial treatment, make sure you go back for further care if you’re still in pain. Truck accident injuries can be serious, and you don’t want to suffer the consequences of neglecting your injuries now and seeing more serious results later on. 

Contact An Expert Truck Accident Injury Lawyer At Patterson Law Group  

After your truck accident, reach out for help as soon as you can. With over 80 years of combined experience in personal injury cases and accidents, your Patterson Law Group attorneys are here to help. While many things in life are uncertain, you can be sure the insurance company for the other party will have professionals working for them. You’ll need someone fighting for your rights. 

We will fight to help you find the justice you deserve after your crash. Don’t hesitate to let us know you’re in need of support. We’ll do everything we can to help you recover physically, emotionally, and financially. 

If you’ve been in a truck accident in Lubbock, Texas, we are just a phone call away. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a free consultation today!  

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