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Westworth Village Personal Injury Lawyer

History of Westworth Village

At the approval of the Carswell Air Force base in 1941, the town of Westworth Village was bound to expand – in particular, the population. An increase of 4000 residents recorded from 500 in 1950, to 4500 in 1960. You’ll find this little gem of a town on the banks of Trinity River. You are surrounded by charming parklands in Western Tarrant County, North Central Texas.

When you get injured because of someone else’s negligence, you can claim your losses in a personal injury claim with a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney near Westworth Village, Texas, can help you pursue compensation for your injuries. For a free consultation, call the Patterson Law Group today at 817-784-2000.

Westworth Village, Texas Today

After the Air Force Base’s closure in 1998, the town was able to enter a new development phase. Only a short five miles west from downtown Fort Worth. Westworth Village offers residents a haven with a low crime rate and many local facilities. There is the recently improved Hawks Creek Golf Club and Ridgmar Mall and exclusive shops with unique products and services. City Council has a vision of “Our Pathway to the Future,” ensuring the prospects for this town are looking up.


Texas Car Accidents: What You Need To Know

Texas Department of Transportation keeps Texas Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics up to 2019. Drivers can access important information relating to road use. An alarming statistic in 2019 is the highest number of fatalities in one day was 21. Yet, 21 was the fatality rate on both Wednesday, June 5th and Saturday, December 7th.

Most of the deaths on Texan roads are male, with the highest number in those aged 21. Tarrant County has the 4th highest car accident record in the State of Texas, with a total of 32,389 reportable crashes and 167 deaths. After Harris, Dallas, and Bexar.

Texas Traffic Safety Task Force compiled a report in 2016 outlining the findings on how to make Texas roads safer. The report found “driver behavior education and enforcement is needed to reverse” vehicle accident numbers.

The details above are just a sampling of how car accidents in Texas impact our day-to-day. At Patterson Law Group, our personal injury attorneys in Westworth Village help injured people with other kinds of claims as well. You can call us at 817-784-2000 to find out if you have a personal injury case.

6 Critical Steps to Take Following a Car Accident

There will be adrenalin, confusion, and high emotions immediately after a car accident.

We want to empower you with a quick reference for critical steps to take following an auto crash.

  1. Remain at the site of the accident – leaving the scene will have massive legal ramifications.
  2. Ensure you and those around you are safe and call for medical assistance if required.
  3. Involve law enforcement – police will be responsible for the reporting that will be crucial in your insurance claims.
  4. Gather information – Record as much information as you can. Note the contact details of any other drivers or passengers involved, including license, registration plates, insurance particulars, talk to witnesses, and take photos of the vehicle, the scene, and surroundings, any injuries sustained.
  5. Avoid admitting fault and be polite regardless of who might be guilty. Do not enter into any agreements.
  6. Enlist an attorney to assist with the insurance claims and guidance through the journey you’re about to take.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident near Westworth Village, Texas, let a personal injury lawyer at Patterson Law Group take care of your legal matters so that you can focus on getting well. To get a free consultation, call our offices at 817-784-2000 today.


According to Texan Transport Code section 550.026, anyone involved in a road accident is required to alert law enforcement as soon as possible following the event.

Police file the accident report that will assist you in your insurance claim or lawsuit. It is your right to file a lawsuit. You will need to act before the two-year deadline that applies under the statute of limitations.

The limitation is in place to allow an outcome to be reached while all parties have access to evidence. Take advantage of your right to employ a lawyer to guide you through the complicated journey post-accident.

Seeking Sound Advice From a Trusted Car Accident Attorney

At Patterson Law Group, we are confident that our knowledge and experience will win your trust. Why not take advantage of our free case evaluation to try out our sound advice. We believe you will not be disappointed. We have your best interest at heart. Remember, you have no cost to you unless we win. Contact Patterson Law Group today for your free consultation.

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