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Is It Illegal To Drive Barefoot In Texas?

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No law in Texas prohibits a driver from driving barefoot. Driving barefoot is legal throughout the United States, so drivers do not have to worry about putting on their shoes during a cross-country road trip. 

However, many individuals believe that it could be dangerous to drive while barefoot. After all, a person’s feet may easily slip off of the accelerator or brake pedal. Additionally, without shoes, many drivers find it challenging to apply enough pressure to the pedals. 

Certain types of shoes, such as heels, wedges, flip-flops, and bedroom slippers, may also be difficult to drive in. 

Driving barefoot is legal in Texas. In the 1990s, Jason Heimbaugh wrote a letter to the every Department of Motor Vehicles in all 50 states to ask if driving barefoot was legal. Eventually, all states replied that driving barefoot is legal. The laws in all 50 states have not changed since. 

There are no laws that prevent you from driving barefoot. Even if you cross state lines, you do not need to worry about driving without shoes. No state in the country currently bans driving without shoes.  

The only exception is for motorcycle drivers. Alabama requires that motorcycle drivers wear shoes and the rest of the coverage they need to guard against injury in case of an accident. However, as of now, this is the only state with such a requirement written in law. 

However, is it safe to drive without shoes? That question is slightly more complicated to answer. 

Is It Better To Drive With Or Without Shoes?

Driving with shoes may be safer than driving without shoes. This belief likely led to the myth that driving barefoot is illegal. However, there is no solid evidence that has led to a law.  

There are a few things you should consider when deciding whether or not to drive barefoot. While it can be nice to take off your shoes if it’s a hot day and you’re on a long trip, you may lose some control in your car.  

On the other hand, some people say they have more control when driving barefoot because they can feel the pedal and brake better. They may have a better sense of where things are and how to work with them.  

Ultimately, since it is not against the law, it is a personal choice whether it is better to drive with or without shoes. Whatever you do, make sure you are comfortable with your ability to make a full stop when necessary to avoid an accident.

Is Driving Barefoot Dangerous? 

Driving barefoot can be dangerous in certain situations. For example, if you come upon a sudden barrier in the road, will you hesitate to slam on the brakes because it may hurt your bare sole? If you think this is likely, driving barefoot is dangerous for you. 

You may also have less control in general when driving without shoes. Pedals and brakes that are firm or sticky can be hard to handle in even the best situations. If you struggle even more without the firm barrier that a shoe sole provides, you could end up in a lot of trouble.  

You might also want to consider the protection that shoes offer your feet. If you are in a wreck without covering, you may end up with worse injuries to your feet than if you were wearing shoes.  

Consider these situations carefully before you slip those shoes off. You don’t want to end up causing a wreck and hurting someone simply because you wanted to be more comfortable. The illegality of driving barefoot may have sprung from a myth, but it’s a myth with a grounding in a good sense.  

Can You Drive With Flip Flops In Texas? 

While driving barefoot can be problematic, driving in flip flops is even more so. A study conducted in the UK in 2013 found that about one third of drivers wear flip flops while driving and that one in nine of those drivers admit to getting their flip flop and foot stuck while driving.  

The study found that up to 1.4 million near misses were caused by drivers wearing flip flops. The simple act of moving the foot from the accelerator to the brake was accomplished at a rate twice as slow for people wearing flip flops than for people wearing other shoes.  

There are many examples of accidents caused by flip flops getting stuck. In one case, the driver of a Camaro got his flip flop stuck in the accelerator when backing out of a parking lot and backed right into a light pole.  

Other shoes can also be dangerous while driving, including high heels, platforms or wedge shoes, and heavy boots. These shoes can prevent or hinder the foot and ankle movement necessary to move from the accelerator to the brake as quickly as possible.  

It’s usually a good idea to avoid flip flops–a good solution is to keep a pair of driving shoes in your car for summer days when you don’t want to take off your flip flops before entering the vehicle. 

Overall, you must pay close attention to the shoes you wear while driving in Texas. If you are comfortable driving barefoot, you are allowed by law to do so. However, you should always keep in mind the level of control you can maintain using bare feet or cumbersome shoes.  

Above all else, take care that you don’t perform any action that might lead to an accident while driving in Texas. Choose your shoes to keep you safe! 

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