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Lubbock, Texas Car Accident Lawyers

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Lubbock, Texas, is a beautiful and bustling city. Home to the famous Texas Tech University and tons of good old Texas farmers, Lubbock is nestled in the north of Texas in Lubbock County. Lubbock is always busy, which means it’s also a site of plenty of car accidents each year.  

Being in a car accident can be a harrowing and devastating time for anyone, and it almost always comes with injury. Our expert Lubbock car accident lawyer can help car accident victims recover and seek justice.  

Lubbock, Texas Car Accident Statistics 

In 2020, Lubbock was the site of around 6,154 car accidents. Approximately 3,000 people have been seriously injured in Lubbock car accidents. Texas is a big state, and with the second-largest population in the U.S., Texas sees hundreds of accidents per year. Many car accidents in Texas result from speeding–in fact, nearly 200 people were killed in speeding accidents in the state last year. Speeding is the number one factor in accidents involving young adults living in Lubbock near the university.  

30% of young men involved in crashes in 2019 were due to speeding, and over 2,000 people were killed in speeding-related crashes involving teenage drivers that same year. Overall, speeding accidents are not uncommon near Lubbock, Texas. 


The At-Fault Driver Is Liable For Injuries And Damages In A Car Accident 

In most car accidents, one person has more responsibility for the crash than the other involved parties. For example, in a typical T-bone case, one driver may have failed to yield right of way to an oncoming car and would be responsible for most of the accident. 

The driver who is most at fault for the accident is liable for injuries and damages caused by the accident. According to Texas’ comparative negligence statute, anyone 51% or more responsible for the accident cannot claim compensation and should be judged as at fault. The at-fault driver can be held accountable to pay you for the damages they caused to you and your family. 

Lubbock Texas car accident lawyer

Common Types Of Car Accidents In Lubbock, Texas 

There are a few accidents that occur most commonly in Lubbock, Texas. Most of these types of accidents occur pretty commonly near big cities and college towns like Lubbock. These are only a few of the most common types of accidents. Many other situations can lead to serious and painful car accidents. 

  • Rear-endings- Rear-endings are very common. They usually occur when one car is following too closely to the car in front of them and hits them after a sudden stop.  
  • Head-on- Head-on accidents occur when two cars are driving opposite directions in the same lane and hit each other head-on.  
  • T-bones- T-bones usually occur in intersections when one car fails to yield right of way to another and ends up hitting it right in the side (making a T-shape). 
  • Drunk driving accidents- In towns with lots of young adults, drunk driving accidents are common. Young men are one of the most common perpetrators of drunk driving incidents.  
  • Rollovers- Rollover accidents occur when a car completely flips and rolls 180 degrees. These usually affect taller vehicles with higher centers of gravity. They often occur after a sideswipe, fast turn, or swerve. 
  • Sideswipes- Sideswipes usually happen when one car swerves out of their lane and into another vehicle in the lane beside them.  

After A Car Crash, Seek Medical Treatment For Any Injuries 

The most important step you can take after a crash is to seek medical treatment for your injuries. Always call an ambulance, even if you don’t notice any injuries right away. Some injuries might be hidden by shock or show up later on. 

Seek medical treatment immediately and continue to receive treatment for as long as you need it. While you are being treated, keep track of medical records and bills, as they will be helpful in a personal injury claim. 


Top 5 Most Common Injuries From A Car Accident 

There is an endless number of injuries you might suffer after a car accident. However, these five are the most commonly seen injuries in a typical car accident: 

  1. Whiplash – With whiplash, your neck will be jerked back and forth exceptionally quickly, straining your neck muscles and nerves. Whiplash can lead to severe neck pain, head pain, numbness, dizziness, and other problems if left untreated. 
  1. Head injuries – Because your head is more exposed than many other parts of your body, it often takes the brunt of the damage in an accident. You may suffer lacerations, concussions, or even Traumatic Brain Injury after an accident. 
  1. Bone fractures – With the heavy weight of a car crushing down on your body, you will likely suffer serious fractures and breaks in your bones. Airbags often cause broken ribs, for example, or your legs might be crushed if the front of your car is severely damaged. 
  1. Scrapes and cuts – No matter how mild your accident, you are likely to suffer some form of scrapes or cuts on your body.  
  1. Back injuries – In a bad crash, your spine may be severely strained or even broken under the pressure of the vehicle. These injuries are especially common if you are thrown from your vehicle or if your vehicle rolled. 

Contact An Expert Car Accident Injury Lawyer At Patterson Law Group For A Free Case Evaluation 

If you have recently suffered from a serious car accident, seek help. You don’t need to go through the recovery process alone. While many things in life are uncertain, you can be sure the insurance company for the other party will have professionals working for them. You’ll need someone fighting for your rights. 

Our expert lawyers at Patterson Law Group have helped hundreds of clients get their deserved compensation and recover smoothly after an accident. We will support you and answer your questions every step of the way.  

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Patterson Law Group for a free case evaluation today. We are standing by and eager to help you recover your life and get back to living!  


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