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Common Challenges in Motorcycle Accident Cases

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Motorcycles are popular in Texas, yet riding one here can be dangerous. Thousands of Texan motorcyclists are injured or killed every year in traffic accidents. In 2022, there was an 8% spike in fatal motorcycle crashes. If you’re lucky enough to survive, recovery is often difficult, and obtaining fair compensation for your injuries can prove even more challenging. Talk to an experienced motorcycle accident attorney at Patterson Law Group to increase your chances of getting the compensation you deserve. Schedule your free consultation today.

More significant potential for catastrophic injuries

As a motorcyclist, you likely love the freedom of the open road. Nothing blocks your view, and a bike is infinitely more agile and maneuverable than a car. Yet, that freedom comes at a price. Motorcycles cannot offer the same protection as a car in an accident. Even if you wear all the proper protective gear, you’re far more likely to suffer severe, even catastrophic, injuries in an accident. From road rash and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) to traumatic amputations and organ damage, motorcycle accidents can cost you your health.

Because of the greater potential for severe injuries that require extensive medical care and a longer recovery, motorcycle accident claims tend to be worth more, given the need for greater compensation. As such, insurance companies tend to fight them tooth and nail to drive costs down.

It can take longer to reach MMI

MMI, or maximum medical improvement, is often used in personal injury cases in Texas. When a person suffers serious injuries, they may be unable to fully recover, despite the quality of care they’ve received. MMI refers to the point at which a person is unlikely to improve further with continued treatment.

When motorcycle accidents result in severe injuries, it can take months or even years to reach MMI. This is significant because a lawyer may advise you not to accept any settlement offers until you reach MMI–because you cannot know what you’ll need going forward.

In fact, some physicians may refuse to develop medical cost projections until the patient reaches MMI. This is why contacting a seasoned motorcycle accident attorney is essential.

Prevailing stereotypes about motorcycle enthusiasts

Many motorcyclists ride safely and responsibly, yet they are still injured in accidents. However, the prevailing stereotype is they tend to be reckless individuals who speed, take corners too fast, and otherwise break traffic laws. If your case goes to trial, the insurance company’s attorney may tap into those stereotypes to claim that you were at fault for the crash.

By contacting an experienced accident attorney as soon as possible after the accident, you can increase the chances that your attorney could obtain and preserve vital evidence, including eyewitness statements and traffic camera footage. This can help support your assertion that you were riding safely and that the other party caused the crash.

Contact a motorcycle accident attorney today

After a severe motorcycle accident, you need sound legal guidance and advocacy delivered by a results-oriented, client-focused legal team. At Patterson Law Group, our Fort Worth motorcycle accident attorneys are driven to recover maximum compensation on your behalf. Our award-winning team understands the gravity of your situation. We know how difficult it can be when medical expenses and other bills pile up, and you’re unable to work to support your family because of your injuries. Contact us today to request your free case evaluation.

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