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Southlake Personal Injury Lawyer

History of Southlake

Southlake was founded in North Tarrant County outside Fort Worth by Clovis Monroe Gordon (aka C.M to his kin). C.M instigated enough signatures on a petition for a new town in 1956. It was quite a process back then, but the underlying message conveyed was, “All of us live here because we like it.”

On September 25, 1956, A. Gail Eubanks was elected as the first mayor. The population was only 200 residents. From a list of geographical names, his daughter named the town “Southlake.”

Southlake remained rural for the following 30 years. In 1990 the town grew thanks to infrastructure development. The charming Town Square created a beautiful “turn-of-the-20th century” looking downtown.

Southlake, Texas Today

In the present day, Southlake Texas “is considered one of the safest places to live in the country.” Southlake has a little something for everyone. The town offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and businesses. The Marq is one of those that offers a fitness center with a range of indoor/outdoor facilities.

But the true heart of the town is in the people, a conscientious community embracing visitors with a “Texas-sized hello.”

Texas Car Crash Deaths and Rates

Every year there are sadly thousands of deaths in Texas as a result of motor vehicle accidents. Daily, there are reports of fatal road accidents around Southlake. Let’s take a moment to contemplate the cost to society. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, Tarrant County had a total of 32,389 crashes in 2019, 150 of which were fatal. Based on these statistics, Tarrant County had the fourth-largest amount of traffic collisions amongst all the counties in the State of Texas. The Accident Data Center reported, 55,797 road accidents occurred during 2016, at the expense of $38,600,000. 3,773 passed away, and in Tarrant county, it totaled 168 deaths during 34,822 vehicle crashes. That is an astonishing 62.24% of the state’s crashes taking place in Tarrant County. It is not a surprise then that the Texas government had to invest in ending all road fatalities on Texas roads by 2050.

At Patterson Law Group, we fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact our Fort Worth personal injury lawyers today at (817) 784-2000 to schedule a time to discuss your accident.


Immediate Steps to Take During the Scene of An Accident

  • Stay calm. Call for help — Northeast Tarrant County Communications (817) 743-4522 or for urgent aid call 9-1-1. Follow instructions and lodge the required Crash report Form CR-2
  • Record everything at the scene
    • time and date of the event,
    • take photos of the vehicles,
    • the area around the cars like tire marks, any damage to vegetation or property and debris,
    • note down registration plates,
    • vehicle make/model/color,
    • exchange insurance details of any parties/persons involved (name, phone and policy numbers),
    • record names and contact details of any witnesses, and
    • record the name of the towing company
  • Know that what you say may become evidence against you later. So be polite but do not, under any circumstances, discuss injuries, blame, or admit fault. Avoid photographs of your identification documents. Do not provide your details to the other driver or witnesses.
  • Seek medical advice as soon as possible. Even if you do not seem to have apparent injuries, see a doctor for a complete medical evaluation. You need to be able to document that you were in an accident and any pain you experience.
  • Contact your insurance company and seek legal advice no more than one day after the event. Ensure you always note down the name of who you’re speaking to.

If you suffered an injury in a Southlake accident and have questions about whether you qualify to file a personal injury claim, contact a personal injury attorney at Patterson Law Group today.

Texas Car Accident Claim Process

Texas state law operates on an “at-fault” insurance liability, meaning both drivers can be held accountable for property damage and injuries caused during a car accident. It is of utmost importance to file a claim with your insurer as soon as possible. Check your policy disclosure statement for your policy’s applicable deadline. The claim would be reviewed and determined – either accepted or rejected – within 15 days. Rejections will have a reason why.

The evidence you collect at the scene of the accident will be used to support your claim. Do not sign any releases until you are content with the outcome of the settlement. This protects your rights against insurers who may pressure you into signing a statement by withholding payments.

You have plenty of options when it comes to legal representation for personal injuries in Southlake, Texas. At Patterson Law Group, we have one goal in mind: to provide you access to justice. Accidents happen, and in the flurry of emotion and adrenalin, we urge you to follow the steps outlined above. Bring us along on your journey for justice. We will fight for you.
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