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The Importance of “Do Not Disturb While Driving Day”

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In 2021 alone, the devastating impact of distracted driving led to the loss of 3,522 lives. Beyond this, a staggering 362,000 individuals faced injuries from accidents where distracted drivers were at fault.

When drivers divert their attention to their cellphones, the crash risk soars between 2 to 6 times. Notably, drivers below 30 years of age are at an even higher risk.

Many of these accidents transpire during work hours or routine commutes. It’s crucial to highlight that these accidents have financial implications for employers, regardless of the timing of the incident.

National Do Not Disturb While Driving Day

Circle Thursday, October 19, 2023, on your calendars. This significant day marks the second annual National Do Not Disturb While Driving Day, emphasizing the life-saving benefits of a seemingly simple smartphone feature.

Activating the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” setting ensures your phone remains silent and free from distracting notifications. This feature springs into action when your phone either connects to a vehicle or senses its movement.

The National Distracted Driving Coalition ardently advocates for the activation of this feature. It’s an uncomplicated yet effective step towards minimizing driving distractions.

While both Apple iOS and Android platforms provide the “Do Not Disturb” feature, research reveals a mere 20% of Apple iPhone users have it enabled by default.

A prevailing challenge is the need for users to initiate this setting manually. Given its somewhat hidden nature, there’s a lack of widespread awareness and adoption.

How-to Activate the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” Mobile Device Feature

To seamlessly activate this feature on your device, refer to the following guides:

At Patterson Law Group, our commitment lies in championing road safety. This October 19, we urge everyone to commit to responsible driving and inspire others to follow suit. Prioritizing safety can collectively pave the way for safer roads.

PLG’s Initiative: End Distracted Driving Program

Take it a step further and join Patterson Law Group’s mission to enhance road safety through our Distracted Driving Program tailored for Texas high schools. Through our partnership with End Distracted Driving, Travis Patterson leads assemblies that equip teen drivers with crucial insights, resources, and strategies to emphasize distraction-free driving. Dive deeper into the program and consider recommending this complimentary assembly to a neighboring high school.

Every conscious effort towards responsible driving is a stride towards preserving lives. Together, let’s spearhead this transformative change.

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