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According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, around 141,000 large trucks were involved in crashes over the 33-month period of their most recent study. Many of these crashes were single-vehicle events, but many involved injuries to other drivers or pedestrians as well.  

A big truck accident can lead to horrible consequences for all involved, from the truck drivers to the drivers of cars who are damaged by the collision. It’s important you know that if you were in a big truck crash, you do have resources to help you. 

Instead of going through the recovery process alone, get in touch with a Plano, Texas truck accident lawyer who will support your recovery and help you find the resources you need to get back on your feet. 

Plano, Texas Truck Accident Statistics 

In 2020 in Texas, there were about 540 towed/trailer vehicles involved in serious accidents. Over 400 of those vehicles were semi-trucks, while fire trucks were in at least 3 crashes and farm equipment were in 6 crashes.  

Thousands of accidents in Texas were caused by brake troubles, a common reason behind big truck accidents in the United States. In addition, fatigue, another big reason for big truck crashes, was a leading cause of around 15,000 accidents. 

There’s no doubt that big truck accidents are more common than they should be in Texas. If you’ve been a part of one, don’t hesitate to seek help and support from both medical professionals and personal injury lawyers to get started with the healing process. 

Plano Texas truck accident lawyer

Patterson Law Group Can Help You After A Truck Accident Near Plano, TX 

No one needs to go through a truck accident alone. Figuring out how the accident occurred and who is to blame is a challenging process, and you shouldn’t have to attempt it without professional guidance.  

Patterson Law Group is home to many personal injury lawyers who have decades of experience helping victims of truck accidents and other crashes recover. We will guide you to support and resources to aid you during the period of your recovery. 

In addition, we will do all we can to gather evidence and engage in negotiations to make sure your claim goes well. We want to make sure you get justice and compensation for the injuries you’ve suffered.  

The At-Fault Driver Is Liable For Injuries and Damages In A Truck Accident 

Knowing that you are not liable for injuries and damages that aren’t your fault is essential. Your lawyers understand that you are a victim of the crash and you need help paying for the damages and injuries you’re facing.  

We will help you create a case against the at-fault driver so that you are truly able to recover what you deserve. All we need is your permission to gather the evidence we need to make your claim for justice as strong as possible. 

The Most Common Types Of Truck Accidents In Plano, Texas 

Truck accidents are not terribly common, compared to other kinds of accidents. However, the types of truck accidents you’ll see in Plano are somewhat different than the types of accidents you may see with other vehicles. For example, common truck accidents include: 

  • Rolling accidents. Big trucks have a high center of gravity and are particularly vulnerable to rollover accidents. A sharp turn or a sudden movement due to distracted or sleeping drivers can easily lead to a big truck rolling into traffic or off the road. 
  • Underride accidents. Underrides occur when a car gets stuck under the trailer of a semi. This usually occurs when a truck jackknifes and its trailer swings into oncoming traffic.  
  • Equipment failure crashes. Many big trucks suffer from brake failure or tire blowouts due to the heavy pressure they are under every day. These equipment failures can lead to serious crashes when they surprise the driver. 
  • Head-on collisions. It’s common for cars who are trying to pass other vehicles to hit big trucks head-on. Big trucks have a hard time braking and must have more time to stop than other vehicles. 

No matter how your truck accident occurred, it is probable that it has been devastating for you and your family, as well as any others involved. Big truck crashes often lead to pileups and fires, which can make the damage even more horrifying.  

After A Truck Crash, Seek Medical Treatment For Any Injuries 

Medical treatment is essential to ensure that you recover from your injuries as soon as possible. Big truck accidents often result in injuries such as cuts, bruises, broken bones, burns, concussions, back and neck injuries, and much more. 

It’s essential that you seek medical treatment. Many injuries that happen in big truck accidents may be internal and hard to recognize. You may not notice this type of injury as quickly as a medical professional would, so it’s important you get inspected as soon as you can.  

Gathering medical bills and records is also important for your personal injury claim. You will need this paperwork for pursuing a claim for the amount of compensation that you deserve after your serious truck crash.  

Contact An Expert Truck Accident Lawyer At Patterson Law Group 

Seeking compensation for your injuries and other damages is a lot of work. You’ll have to gather tons of evidence and handle serious and stressful negotiations with insurance companies. If you need help, we are standing by.  

At Patterson Law Group, we will be working with dedication to make sure your claim goes as smoothly as possible. We can help you deal with some of the stress of a legal battle while you focus on your recovery.  

Don’t hesitate to engage with a personal injury attorney at Patterson Law Group for help pursuing your claim. Give us a call for a free consultation and guidance in pursuing and settling your claim as quickly as possible. 

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