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San Antonio Distracted Driving Attorney 

San Antonio, TX, has a reputation for expansive city views, beautiful green spaces, and all the perks of urban life. It has also developed a reputation for car crashes. In 2021, the city set a new record with 205 fatal accidents, with inattentive drivers as one of the leading causes. In 2019, 379 people were killed in accidents involving a distracted driver. It continues to be a growing and serious concern for everyone on the road. 

If you’ve been hurt, a San Antonio distracted driving attorney from the Patterson Law Group could help you recover damages. We work hard to achieve justice, regardless of the severity.  To do this, we have flipped the traditional law firm business model.  We are lean.  We are efficient.  We use technology.  And we are accessible.  The sum of these parts is a team ready to fight for you. Contact us for a free consultation.  

What Is Distracted Driving? 

person texting and driving

Distracted driving is any activity that interrupts a person’s focus while operating a motor vehicle. There are three main types, and they are as follows:  

They can be visual, manual, or cognitive distractions: 

  • Visual distraction – It occurs when drivers look away from the road. A typical example is taking your eyes off the road to check the GPS or read a text message. 
  • Manual distractions – This happens when drivers let go of the steering wheel. For example, a driver may take their hands off the wheel to eat food or send a text. 
  • Cognitive distractions – When a driver loses their focus while operating vehicles. Stress or boredom can cause people to become less alert, especially when driving automatic cars. 

Is Distracted Driving a Criminal Offense in San Antonio, TX?

San Antonio takes distracted driving seriously, especially regarding cell phone use. It is identified as the most dangerous type of distracted driving because it combines all three types of distractions. Consequently, drivers may receive fines even if they use their phones when stopped at red lights. A law enforcement officer may issue a ticket if they suspect distracted driving caused a crash. That could trigger additional charges for the driver, especially if someone suffered catastrophic injuries or death. 

Note that criminal cases typically do not lead to compensation to injured persons or the survivors of the deceased. Instead, if you’ve been seriously hurt, you may need to file a personal injury lawsuit in civil court to get the damages you need to rebuild your life. 

What Damages Can You Claim in a Personal Injury Lawsuit? 

When a distracted driver causes an accident, victims may file a personal injury lawsuit to seek compensation. The amount is usually assessed based on the severity of the crash and injuries and the losses sustained by the victim. 

Here are examples of damages that your attorney may claim on your behalf: 

  • Medical expenses, including hospital visits, surgeries, medication, and rehabilitation costs. 
  • Lost wages and future lost wages if the victim had to take time off from their job due to their injuries or cannot ever return to the workforce. 

  • Pain and suffering caused by physical or emotional trauma following the incident. 
  • Property damage can include your vehicle and any personal property in the car. 

How Can a Distracted Driving Attorney Help? 

Here are some ways a distracted driving lawyer in San Antonio can help you: 

  • Collect and review evidence to prove the driver was distracted, for example, by subpoenaing their cell phone records. 
  • Identify all liable parties and ensure they are held accountable. 
  • Negotiate the maximum settlement with the insurance company. 
  • Represent you in court if the insurance company does not offer a fair settlement amount to cover your damages. 

Contact Patterson Law Group for a Free Consultation 

At Patterson Law Group, we have experienced attorneys focused on personal injury cases caused by distracted driving accidents. We have built our career on helping victims, which has helped us deepen our knowledge and experience to get results for our clients. Finally, we work on a contingency basis, so there are no upfront legal fees. 

Are you ready to see what our San Antonio car accident lawyer can do for you? Contact Patterson Law Group today to schedule a free consultation. 

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