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Alamo Heights Personal Injury Lawyer

History of Alamo Heights

From the very beginning, Alamo Heights was a treasured location. During the mid-1800s, the land was owned at the time by George Washington Brackenridge. He sold his homestead Fernridge and 200 acres, and Alamo Heights came to be.

Celebrating and maintaining the natural beauty of the area was a huge focus. There was then, and to this day, a large concentration on preserving trees. Even in planning the city roads, they would do so following the land’s lay and trees.

The character of the town’s architecture marked Alamo Heights as a unique gem.

Located 4.5 miles northeast of central San Antonio, Alamo Heights became a municipality on June 4th, 1922. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident call us today for a free consultation.

Alamo Heights, Texas Today

Strict building and zoning codes limited construction to two-story structures, along with maintaining a level of open spaces, natural light, and greenery.

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In 1927, paved streets paved the way for the neighboring county municipalities. Recreational facilities were added in 1947 including a swimming pool, and nature trails traversing through Olmos Basin in 1965.

The temperate climate, low crime rate, and quaintness of Alamo Heights attract mature residents. The median age of the community is over 43 and is predominantly female.

In Alamo Heights, you will find a community that has each other’s backs, whether it is checking in on each other when illness strikes or collecting mail when the neighbor is out of town—it is the true embodiment of the word community.

San Antonio, Texas Car Crash Facts and Statistics

Facts and statistics do not lie. San Antonio, Texas car crash facts and statistics relay an alarming story. Road safety in Bexar county is a tremendous concern.

The thought of families suffering is heart-wrenching. The pain of losing a loved one in an accident is a horrific experience. It is something that nobody should have to go through.

According to the Texas Department of Transport Records, Bexar County recorded 50,796 motor vehicle collisions last year. Out of that number, statistics show 27 people died in those collisions as a result of excessive speed, and 44 lives were taken due to the dangerous habit of distracted driving.

The total number of car crashes on San Antonio roads reported by TxDOT in 2019 was 42,786. In these crashes, 145 people lost their lives on San Antonio roads.

During 2019, 1,873 crashes involved alcohol (DWI) resulting in the deaths of 44 people.

These deaths are preventable. Drivers can choose more responsible driving habits, put the phones down, slow down, and be alert. That is what will save more lives on San Antonio roads.

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How to Handle a Texas Car Accident

If you have been involved in a car accident, here are a few steps everyone should take.

  • ake photos at the scene
  • Exchange information with the other parties involved
  • Call the police to the scene and stay until the police arrive
  • When the police arrive, it is important to tell the police exactly what happened
  • Immediately seek medical care if you are injured
  • Call one of our Patterson Law Group San Antonio Car Wreck Attorneys at 210-874-2424

Your car is severely damaged. You have aches and pains needing treatment. Now what? We recommend you involve a personal injury lawyer as early as possible. Their aid in navigating the legal journey to justice will save time and tackle the case from many angles. Knowing Texas laws is their specialty. The statute of limitations, third party liability, and modified comparative negligence.

Injuries You May Seek Damages For

A car accident is likely to leave you with one or more injuries. The cost of medical bills piles up. Even the worry of getting your vehicle repaired take a huge emotional toll. The toll of this forced inconvenience and disruption in your life can take a heavy toll. Alas, there is good news. You will be able to claim damages on the costs incurred, such as your medical expenses, ambulance fees, and any future pain or treatment you may need. An experienced personal injury attorney will ensure your claim achieves the maximum benefit. They will fight to make sure you obtain full justice for the wrongs you experienced. Common injuries in a car accident include:

  • Whiplash, neck, and spinal injuries
  • Head or brain trauma
  • Upper and lower limb injuries or amputation
  • Chest, thorax, abdomen, or pelvic damage
  • Permanent disability or paralysis

Schedule a Free Consultation with the Leading Legal Team from Patterson Law Group Our team at Patterson Law Group is equipped with a variety of attorneys to suit each challenge. Choosing Patterson Law Group comes with the added value of help getting your car fixed after an accident and helping you file an insurance claim for personal injury protection (“PIP”) or Med Pay. Our skilled pre-litigation team will negotiate on your behalf. We deal with insurance companies. We know insurance companies. We will exhaust every effort to make sure we protect your rights and obtain the justice you deserve. Schedule your free case evaluation with the team at Patterson Law Group. Call (817) 784-2000, or contact us here. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident call us today for a free, no obligation consultation.

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