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El Paso Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

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Motorcycle accidents near El Paso, Texas can be devastating for everyone involved. Many motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries and losses. In the area, motorcycle accidents happen frequently, in 2020 the Texas Department of Transportation recorded 499 crashes involving motorcycles. That’s more than any other vehicles besides cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs. 

If you have been in a motorcycle accident in El Paso, you need to know that you are not alone. You can get help to recover from your accident and reclaim what you’ve lost.  

Best Type Of Lawyers For Motorcycle Accidents 

The best type of lawyer for a motorcycle accident is a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers deal with all types of claims that involve a personal injury, including vehicle accidents, falls, wrongful deaths, etc.  

Personal injury lawyers spend their time working to help injured people recover the economic and non-economic damages they have experienced due to injuries. Personal injury lawyers work hard to gather evidence, talk to experts, and seek justice for their clients. 

After an accident, you have to file a claim with your insurance company, and personal injury lawyers specialize in negotiating these types of settlements. They always do their best to get their clients the most favorable settlement possible. 


Do You Have A Personal Injury Claim After A Motorcycle Accident? 

There are a few criteria you need to meet in order to have a personal injury claim after a motorcycle accident. Thankfully, these criteria aren’t difficult to meet in the case of an accident.  

Once you have proven each of these things is true, you can officially file a personal injury claim.  

  1. First, you must prove that you were owed a duty of care. This means that whoever caused your injury had a duty to care for you and prevent your injury if possible. In a motorcycle accident, this is easy to claim because everyone who uses a vehicle has a duty to care for others on the road. 
  1. Next, you must prove that whoever caused your injury breached their duty of care. They must have acted negligently or carelessly in some way and failed to take care of your safety as they should have done. Drivers who run lights, drive over the speed limit, or drive under the influence of alcohol are common examples of drivers who breach their duty.
  1. Then, you must prove that the driver’s breach of duty caused your accident. If you are found to be at fault for your accident, you can’t make a claim against anyone else.
  1. Finally, you must prove that the accident led to serious damages. Personal injury claims can include economic damages, injury damages, and other personal, non-economic damages.  

How Much Is A Motorcycle Accident Case Worth Near El Paso, Texas? 

The worth of a motorcycle accident is sure to vary widely depending on the circumstances of the case. In the year 2020, one of the highest verdicts in a motorcycle accident in Texas was settled for $125,356. In previous years, cases have settled for as much as $2 million

In the United States, experts estimate that the total annual costs for motorcycle accidents come to around $2.66 billion. 

If you have been in a motorcycle accident near the city, your case may be worth a lot. The best thing to do is hire a personal injury lawyer who can help you determine a fair settlement amount and fight for what you deserve.  

El Paso Texas motorcycle accident lawyers

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents Near El Paso, TX? 

The most common causes of motorcycle accidents near the area can easily be avoided. They are often the result of careless action on the part of other drivers on the road. Here are some of the most common reasons: 

  • Left-hand turns. Cars will often make unsafe left-hand turns in front of oncoming motorcycles, either because they don’t see them or because they misjudge their speed. 
  • Distracted driving. Distracted driving is the most common cause of accidents on the road. It is easy for a driver to miss seeing a motorcycle if they are distracted by their phone or other situations. 
  • Speeding. Cars that speed often ignore motorcycles, don’t see them, or misjudge how fast they are going. It’s not hard for a motorcycle to collide with a speeding car that is unable to stop when it needs to. 
  • Unsafe lane changes. Commonly, cars don’t notice motorcycles when making lange changes. This failure to see is a major cause of crashes. 
  • Dooring. Often, cars parked along the road open their doors without looking behind them. This makes it easy for motorcycles to run into open doors and crash badly. 

There are plenty of other causes of motorcycle accidents. It’s always important for drivers to remain alert when driving on the road with motorcycles to prevent crashes.

Types Of Damages That Can Be Collected After A Motorcycle Accident  

If you’ve been in an accident, you are probably wondering what damages you can collect from the driver who caused your accident. There are many types of damages you can claim, both economic and non-economic. Common damages that can be collected include: 

  • Medical expenses, both immediate (emergency room costs, surgeries) and long-term (ongoing physical therapy or medication costs). 
  • Pain and suffering. 
  • Emotional trauma and distress. 
  • Loss of consortium (this means the loss of relationship due to the accident). 
  • Loss of income. 
  • Loss of earning capacity, usually resulting if you can’t return to work after a crash. 
  • Loss of life enjoyment, especially if you can’t return to activities you used to love after a crash. 

Talk to your personal injury lawyer to determine how much you can claim in total damages.  


Contact Patterson Law Groups Top El Paso, Tx Motorcycle Accident Lawyer  

If you are looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer to help you recover after an accident, contact Patterson Law Group. Our expert motorcycle injury lawyers are passionate about supporting our community and helping our clients claim the justice they deserve. With over 80 years of combined experience our top Texas motorcycle accident lawyers are ready to help you win your personal injury case. Don’t hesitate to call local El Paso personal injury lawyer Greg McCarthy today for a free case evaluation by appointment only.

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