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What Happens If I’m Driving Without a License in Texas?

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Texas laws are fairly cut and dry when it comes to having a driver’s license. As a driver, it’s important to know these laws, their penalties, and what it means for you if you end up in one of the scenarios we have addressed below. While Patterson Law Group is a personal injury firm and unable to assist you if you’re caught driving without a license in Texas, our attorneys can provide answers to your questions. They can potentially even recommend a great traffic ticket attorney to you, all at no cost. As with any personal injury matter that our firm handles, if you are injured in an accident with an unlicensed driver, we hope that you will consider allowing us to represent you so we can take the burden off of your shoulders while working to get you the fair settlement you deserve.

Driving Without a License Charge in Texas

Anyone that can obtain a driver’s license should know that it’s illegal to operate a vehicle without one; unfortunately, that doesn’t stop people from breaking the law. In Texas, residents who are caught driving without a valid license for the first time can face a fine of up to $200. If you’re caught violating this law for a second time within a year, it becomes a misdemeanor with an additional fine that can range between $25 and $200. And if you’re found in violation of the law for a third time within a year, you are now faced with receiving a fine and could also see jail time, ranging anywhere from 72 hours up to six months. It should be emphasized that if you injure or kill someone in an accident, you caused while driving without a license, the penalty becomes much more steep and costly. The risk is just not worth the price.

Driving Without a License on Person in Texas

Sometimes life just happens, and we all have those days where you’re running out the door with your keys in your hand and no time to lose, you get halfway to your destination, and as luck would have it – you get pulled over. It’s not until then that you realized you left your driver’s license at home. If your luck changes, you might get away with a written warning, but odds are you’ll end up with a ticket for failure to provide proof of a valid license. Fortunately, Texas driving laws are a lot more lenient when it comes to not having your license on you. In this instance, you can avoid a conviction by presenting your license as proof to the judge that your license is in good standing, and you’re still legally able to drive. Only then will you avoid further penalties and leave after paying a minimal dismissal fee.


Driving Without a License from Out of State

Whether you have just moved here or are simply passing through, you still must possess a valid driver’s license to drive on Texas highways. If you get pulled over and don’t have your out of state license with you, you will likely receive a ticket for failure to prove that your license exists and is valid in its issuing state. Driving with a revoked or suspended out of state license only means more trouble for you, especially if you cause an accident. You could be subject to steep fines, jail time, and a further extension of your suspension. If you have recently moved to Texas, you have up to 90 days to obtain a valid Texas license. Failure to do so could lead to a $200 fine. Fortunately for those new to Texas, the Texas Department of Public Safety makes it quick and easy to transfer your out of state license to Texas, so long as your current license is still valid.

Talk to a Lawyer If You Were In a Car Accident With an Unlicensed Driver

The odds of getting into an accident with an unlicensed driver may seem low, but the fact is it could eventually happen to you or someone you know. It’s why we feel it’s important to provide this general information to you – no one wants to be caught in this situation uninformed. We know everyone’s situation can be tricky and sometimes downright confusing, so it’s important for us to let you know we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s always free to give our attorneys a call to get the answers to your questions, and we hope you will allow us to help you. We know Texas’s driving laws and are always ready to fight for our clients, no matter what.

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