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Car Crash Injury Statistics: What You Should Know

Facts And Figures On Car Crash Injuries

Injury statistics after a Texas car accident

Many people involved in car accidents think they’re okay if they don’t notice injuries right away. That assumption, however, could begin a life of pain and inconvenience. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking potential injuries after a collision.

Research shows that musculoskeletal problems, like those that result from even seemingly minor auto accidents, can result in permanent injuries. This National Institute of Health study revealed that 62% of people who sustained whiplash-like injuries experienced major residual effects for as long as 10 to 15 years after a car wreck.

A Car Crash Might Be More Serious Than Suspected

If you’ve been in a car crash and walked away without feeling any pain, you should get checked out anyway. Drivers and passengers who have been in an auto accident and experience minor pain to begin with should suspect that more is likely to come, and it may be worse than a bit of medication can fix. Here’s why:

  • This study showed that at least 1 in 4 people complained about “intrusive symptoms” after a car collision.
  • Another 12% stated they felt headaches and neck pain of a more severe nature following an initial injury from an auto accident.
  • A National Institute of Health report brought to light that 55% of individuals involved in a rear-end collision are symptomatic 8 years after the incident.
  • Another study analyzed the symptoms of those who had been in car crashes for a full 15 years after their accidents. 70% of those studied still had symptoms 15 years later.

Texas Laws Protecting Accident Victims

Texas law requires that drivers have the financial means to reimburse another for any damages they caused to that person’s car or for medical expenses. Typically, drivers purchase insurance to cover the state minimum for financial responsibility. But, insurance doesn’t always cover all medical bills, which means a victim of a negligent driver might have to sue to collect the difference.

If you’ve been in an auto accident, you should first see a doctor to make sure you’re okay. Then, it’s a good idea to contact an attorney to talk about what might happen if pain and injuries show up later on. Medical costs are high in today’s world, and anyone who has been in a car crash should learn how they can be compensated for costly treatment.

What to Remember After An Accident

Statistics about injuries lasting for a decade or more aren’t meant to scare you. But it’s important to recognize that a car crash can be life-changing in ways that aren’t immediately apparent, and thus need to be taken seriously. It can take years to feel the first twinges of neck or back pain, or to start experiencing headaches or other painful symptoms from a car collision. If you never experience pain or injury following a car crash, feel grateful and lucky. If you do, however, it is important to address those issues & see a doctor right after the wreck in order to recover damages from the party at fault.

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